Writer’s Bio: Tom Robinson

Tom writes social commentary, short fiction, and self-help philosophy. His portfolio consists of publications for Tautological Times and Women’s Post. He achieved 1st Class (with honours) in an English & Creative Writing degree, which he completed in 2015. The skills he learned from this education are evidenced throughout his portfolio.

He also has a range experiences including: bar management; hotel management; organic vegetable farming; and teaching English to children aged 4-16 in Vietnam, as well as online to children in China (through an online video call platform).

These wide-ranging experiences have helped Tom to develop a broad perspective on a number of topics, and that perspective comes through in the balanced tone of his writing.

If you are interested in Tom’s services, send him an email: TRobinson9416@gmail.com

You can also follow Tom on social media:

Twitter: @TautologicalTom

Linkedin: Tom Robinson

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